George Taxidis



My initial training was integrative, which meant that I was introduced to a range of theories used to understand client difficulties (humanistic, existential, psychosynthesis, psychoanalysis and cognitive behavioural approaches). Over the years I have taken part in a large number of continuing professional development activities, and my focus has increasingly been on psychodynamic and Jungian ways of thinking, as well as attachment theory. In practice, this means that in attempting to understand you, we may be looking at places you haven’t looked at before, or explore parts of yourself you might be less aware of.


At the beginning of our work together I would normally ask some questions about what brings you to therapy and about your past. Together, we would agree what our aims are, and I would be clear and honest about how therapy can help you. I am a warm and empathic therapist, and I work to create an atmosphere of trust in the room. I have often worked with clients who struggled to express their feelings and I am sensitive to how difficult it sometimes is to share your troubles with a total stranger.


Therapy is confidential, and as soon as we meet, I will explain the exceptions to this rule.


If you have any further questions about the way that I work, or what therapy would be like, feel free to contact me.